Calm down and soothe your senses, let these unique treatments boost your inner energy.

Immerse yourself in the wide palette of the services provided at our Nowa SPA. Won’t they make an excellent bonus for your leisure or business stay?
The SPA treatments restore the right balance between work and pleasure, indeed.

Massage room

Massage is one of the oldest methods of loosening tense muscles. It can effectively relieve stress and fatigue, thus, it’s recommended for not only those who care for their fitness and beauty, but also for those who need relaxation and feel overburdened with chores at home and in the workplace.

Our SPA offers you face, back and whole body massages. All the massages gently stimulate the blood circulation, make muscles more elastic and skin much firmer..

Come and relax, enjoy the moment of peace and joy, take care of your health.

Beauty parlour

Face, neck and neckline are those parts of our body which the time passing by takes the greatest toll on. They’re always in the foreground, and thus, exposed to harmful external factors. Properly selected treatments rejuvenate, firm and illuminate your skin, making it beautiful again.

We also recommend face massages, scrubs or cleansing, moisturising and nourishing treatments.

Bioregeneration room

Body treatments are such an excellent source of energy. They make your body beautiful and your soul so calm. All the ailments and sorrows are gone.

In order to enjoy these caresses to the full, please start your ceremony with a body scrub so that your skin can be clean and ready for further procedures to come. The scrub boosts the blood circulation and makes your body firm, thus, it is particularly recommended in the cellulite therapy. Exfoliation rejuvenates and refreshes the skin, removes pigmentation spots and smaller imperfections. Improves the condition of skin, combats photo-ageing symptoms and makes smaller wrinkles shallower.

The offer includes also massages and masks – so that everyone can find something for themselves, both for body and soul.


If you have but a few days free and yet you seem to yearn for some relaxation, if your body needs a break and a tiny little boost, the Day SPA is perfect for you.

It’s a rich series of intensive treatments for your skin, muscles and frame of mind. Choosing the Day SPA is money saving and particularly recommended at the cross border between individual seasons of the year, like for instance in the post-summer period, when our skin is dry and burnt by the sun, or when winter comes to an end, and our skin is a great need for moisturisation and regeneration.

We aim at achieving results which can be seen and not merely talked about. Thus, choose it for yourself if you’d like to try cleansing, firming, moisturizing, lifting and revitalising.

Remember, sauna, Jacuzzi and mini gym are always included in the price.


Leading brand in the beauty parlour






Make a gift

Quota vouchers will be perfect if you’re looking for a unique gift just like no other, a gift which gives a wide palette of options to choose from for the bestowed one. You nearest and dearest can use such a voucher to pay for any services of their choices provided at the Nowa Ski*** Hotel SPA, like for instance:
accommodation, catering and SPA treatments. Thus, don’t let the chance flee! But the best present you have ever encountered in your life so far!

Such a voucher will be an excellent gift for your contracting parties and leading employees!
Every voucher is valid for 6 months.


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