The Nowa Ski Ski*** SPA

located in the Giant Mountains, in the town of Karpacz

The view stretching from the front windows and balconies literally takes your breath away. For is there anything more majestic and remarkable than the Śnieżka Mountain and the main massif of the Giant Mountains to be seen right behind the window pane? Right behind the building, there is our garden, adjoining the forest. The peace and quiet around calm down your soul and soothe your senses. So close to the nature, you’ll surely find your long lost harmony back.

The Nowa Ski Hotel

Our family enterprise is a fruit of passion towards the hotel branch, based on such pillars as hospitality and delicious food. Choose us and you will never ever wish to look for amusement elsewhere.


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This is a place where you will feel close to nature! The colors of the earth, wood, ecological accessories, freshness and a beautiful view from the windows, all this can accompany you during your holiday in Karpacz. Our rooms have been created to provide you with comfortable relaxation in the very center of the Giant Mountains.

Perfect location

The hotel is located in the lower part of Karpacz, which makes a perfect balance between the green surroundings with the meandering Łomniczka River in the background, the city centre being just a stone throw away as well as an extremely easy access from the towns of Jelenia Góra and Wałbrzych. Reaching our facility is in fact a piece of cake. We’re barely a 5-minute walk away from the bus stop.

The city centre is a 15-minute walk. And if don’t feel like or simply cannot cover the distance on foot, our bus is always at your disposal. The service is included in your stay price and provided from 8:30 am up until 3:30 pm (only within the city borders, though).

We’ll help you explore the richness of the region undisturbed, avoiding the nasty traffic jam. Discover the Szklarka and the Kamieńczyk Waterfall with us, conquer the Chojnik Mountain with the ruins of an old fortified castle of the Piast dynasty. Learn more about the crystal glass production or visit the ski slopes in the Czech part of our majestic Giant Mountains. The choice is yours and yours alone.

Slow down, relax, breathe

When a busy day full of adventures and pleasures comes to an end, there’s nothing more pleasant than a hot bath with bubbles caressing gently your limbs and muscles. A few precious moments spent in the sauna will chase all the physical and mental fatigue away. So will our SPA treatments do as well.

Our signature treatment Bamboo – an energising ritual which is a unique fusion of the classic massaging techniques and bamboo sticks. The treatment is divided into sections – a natural scrub with nourishing oils, made in our Scrub World, and a body massage based on an aromatic oil smelling of chocolate and oranges. The therapist will concentrate on those parts of your body which are overloaded the most, namely the nape of the neck, shoulders, loins and calves.

A cosy hotel

Who’s fond of peace and quiet, who yearns for harmony and balance, will surely find this place a true secure retreat of their dreams. Even more if crowd and noise won’t ever sound like a nice melody to their ears, since it’s a 3* hotel, yet totally different from all these you’ve known so far. Here, amidst nature, you’ll easily catch your breath again.

We’re not a large hotel, but that is not the point, for we have no interest in being a behemoth for the masses. There’s no need to be a giant. Meeting the highest standard of service is perfectly possible without.

Our Guests help us build the fondest of memories every single day. When you come back to us again, we’re happy to know we have succeeded in making friends of you. Not without a reason, then, we’re one of the best rated and most frequently chosen hotels of this category in all of the Karpacz town!

An environmentally friendly hotel

No other team can ever hold a candle to us, we are so deeply motivated, competent and environmentally conscious at every single step we take. Since we believe it to the heart’s core that only and exclusively nature-oriented actions bode well and lead you to success.

Being eco is so much more than merely a slogan for us. To our way of thinking, it’s one of the most essential elements of good relaxation, proceeded by sports, tasty cuisine and comfortable accommodation.

At the Nowa Ski Hotel*** Spa, even the tiniest details of the interior design refer to nature.

Here, in the arms of Mother Nature, your soul finally calms down, your body and mind regenerate and your heart rejoices at the sight of the mountains. For there is nothing more splendid in existence than pure nature, untouched by man.

Splendid relaxation whatever the season

We will be glad to help you organise your stay. If you need assistance or a piece of advice, drop us a line.


In Karpacz alone, there are more than 100 km of trails


Relax at the Hotel and visit our beautiful neighbours: Dresden, Prague and Saxony.


The Giant Mountains National Park is one of the most beautiful in all of our country.





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