Merry or gloomy weather

Attractions included in the stay price

If the weather outside is nasty or you would rather stay indoors for whatever the reason, we’ve got a whole bunch of attractions for you! You won’t get bored, not even for a while!


Alternately overheating and cooling the body down shows an extremely beneficial influence on your health and immunity system. Sauna cleanses and strengthens your body, calms down your soul. With properly selected temperature and humidity level improve our frame of mind just perfectly.

Opening hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

No need to book it in advance.


The billiards is a perfectly universal game, no matter if you’re a child or a senior. You can play with your friends or with your family if you prefer. Call us to order your favourite drinks with the waiter service and enjoy the game.

The bowling centre is open round the clock.


Our mini gym is a splendid alternative on rainy days or a way to supplement your open air training.

It’s universally available, round the clock. At your disposal, there are a Kettler treadmill, cross-trainer, multi-gym, exercise bike and a workout bench as well.


Our Hotel offers a tiny little room with toys and table football. In the summer, the Little Ones can enjoy a playground with a sandpit, slide and with swings.

All the year round, also our gaming room with Xbox 360 is available.

Fireplace roomm

Perfect for smaller family and friends' parties or team-building events. A plain and clear room, with subdued interior design colours, makes you feel optimistic and at the ready for the new tasks to come, helps to create the team spirit!

In the winter season, this room feel particularly comfy. After skiing or bathing, come here with your friends, have a sit by the fire and open a bottle of some good wine.

Garden with the arbour grill

When the nasty snow is finally gone, there’s but one thing we keep on dreaming about – the day when the barbecue season opens. And we are the best grilling spot you could ever find. Take your friends or contracting parties, how about a business barbecue party, huh? Both the menu and the service can be ordered in our restaurant.

The arbour is located right at the restaurant and close to the hotel garden. When it’s cool outside, do order additional windows, protecting you from the wind and nasty weather. The majestic Śnieżka Mountain towering over you against the blue sky will surely make the feast even more enjoyable.

Schedule your meeting now and savour the moment!

The best attractions

TOP 5 - Karpacz

The Vang Stave Church

Built at the turn of the 12th and 13th century. Comes from Vang in Norway, a city located by the lake bearing the very same name. Attracts thousands of tourist from all around the world every single year. The legend has it, the oldest elements of the church were once parts of a Viking boat embellishments. Around the temple, there are beautiful rhododendrons, a fountain and even an old cemetery to be admired.

The Śnieżka Mountain

The Śnieżka Mountain is a pilgrimage destination. On the peak, there stands the St. Lawrence's Chapel where once a year, tour guides and mountain rescuers take part in a special mass. Śnieżka is also the mountain of sportsmen: 3 x Śnieżka = 1 x Mont Blanc in the mountain ultramarathon.

The National Park

Amidst the myriad of hiking trails, you can admire the nature of the Giant Mountains, resembling the Scandinavian landscapes quite much. True pearls of the land are: Samotnia Mountain Hut, Łomniczka Cirque (Kocioł Łomniczki), Snow Cirques (Śnieżne Kotły). And in the forest, deer, red deer, boreal owls, Eurasian pygmy owls, bats and even the famous mouflons, imported from Corsica, can be seen.

Dream Jump

Jumping from a 100-metre-high tower at the foot of the Giant Mountains, with the beautiful view of the Śnieżka Mountain. This free flight lasts but 4.5 seconds, yet gives you an endless palette of air acrobatics to perform: somersault, cartwheel and multi-person jumps:)

Karpacz Express

The express runs during long weekends as well as in May, June and September and on all the school-free days between 15 June and 15 September. At every stop, you can get off the train to visit the local attraction, and then carry on with the ride according to the timetable.

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